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Layhams    Farm

Layhams Farm grass race track is tucked neatly away between farms at the back of Addington Hills and is the sort of place you won't know is there unless you know it's there of course.  You might have seen the entrance from the other side of the road at the more famous boot-sale and wondered what goes on down the dust track between the farms.  It's Croydon's premier race track, in fact to our knowledge Croydon's only race track, unless you want to count go-karts. 

Minis grouping up ready for the next race

Colour-coded headlights!

In fact, it's the faintly secret atmosphere that makes Layhams all the more interesting.  The race meetings aren't heavily publicised and there's no whiff of the commercialism that has driven the sport out of most other motor racing events.  Added to this the events are slightly under attended which means more room for the punters.  The drivers don't seem to mind, they're self-funded and they're to drive, not to be seen to drive.

No saving on safety - St John's on hand.

It's amazing how useful a Cavalier can still be - race formats and starting grid arrangements are sellotaped to this useful piece of race track furniture.  Hope the owner knew about it.

So with plenty of room to park up we're soon out of the car and off to the track to see what's going on.  The race marshals and organisers keep things pretty tight, and you can get a clear view of the layout.  The track is basically a double-fenced off section of the field with pit lanes to the lower side, race car marshalling areas to the other, with public audience and commentary station restricted mainly to the top side of the track.  You can wander around the parked up race cars if you feel like a nose, but there are plenty of organisers around to ensure kid's safety.  The whole arrangement is more like a club with everyone playing their part, as opposed to a piece of commercial public entertainment employing resentful kids missing their Sunday off.

Pit lane is at the lower end of the field - anyone seen Mad Max?

This one's got an extra set of wheels, on sale at 2,500 - don't bring your cheque book if you're weak willed - could be expensive.

So let's see a race then.  First up we're watching specials.  These really are different, constructed by their owners the only stock parts are the engines.

Trundling up to the track entrance - wish we'd saved the Mad Max reference now.

And they're off!  Well almost.

Go on - chase me!

Looks like a toy - but not when you're there.  These things are a bit loud!

He'll never catch them up in that!

Getting rather quick now.


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