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Croydon Car Show

Croydon Car Show, sponsored by the Croydon Advertiser, they only showed two pictures so we thought we'd better fill in for them.  We popped down on the 2nd day, last Sunday afternoon, to see what it was all about.  We weren't expecting alot as it was purely a local event, and after all it was free.  We got what we expected.  All the Croydon car dealers were there, standing around looking slightly awkward, on grass instead of tarmac - and that about sums it up.  There were the obligatory burger van and ice cream man, but apart from that there was a helter skelter type arrangement and a round-about for kids.

That's the slating done, and now to be fair to the good old Advertiser, it was a well organised affair, with displays well laid out and plenty of walking space between the various marques on show.  Car park marshalls were on hand to direct traffic in and out of the section of Addington Palace grounds cordoned off for the event. 

Move over lads - Let's have a go!

Crowds of Youngsters Converge on the MGF

If you've been looking for a new car in the last couple of years there were a few well recognized faces clustered round their mobile homes and marquees, but to be fair, imagining the budgets available they'd done their best.  Most cars were open and available for a sit inside, something we appreciated given that most of the vehicles you're really interested in are the ones you can't afford to rent let alone buy.

The Rover MG Z stuff- we like it

Still sexy after all these years - the Alfas

Fords on show - matching wheels!

Yuppies + wallets look at the Lexus Convertible

All in all we had a nice relaxing walk round the Croydon Motor Show on what was after all the closing couple of hours of the event.  Don't expect to see anything you don't already see in the mornings in the average Croydon traffic jam, but do take advantage of the chance to sit in the things and do a bit of day-dreaming.  Particularly if you are actually in the market for a new jam jar we'd recommend this as a very relaxing way of walking round in a green and grassy environment and looking at all the major marques in Croydon in one go.  And without experiencing Croydon Councils remarkable revenue raising expertise every time you park up outside the showroom, (traffic wardens we mean).

Something for Tarquin & Sebastian to watch?

Can't beat a fat cat - in their element

So overall well done.  Suggestions for next year - perhaps Halfords and some of the gadget and accessories vendors?  We could have spruced up the company car, currently a Rover 620 SLi (sports casual).  Apart from a burger and chips this is all we'd have been able to afford on the day.


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