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  Croydon tram

Which websites do you look at the most? The useful ones or just the sites you can find?

How do you get useful local links? A search engine? There are other Croydons in Australia, New Hampshire, Philadelphia...

Do you write down links you see in ads that you think might be useful? You'll need a big book...

Alternatively just remember one address WWW.CROYWEB.COM and you'll find all the day to day links you'll need.

We are a small team who believe the Internet is an effective communication medium and think Croydon is not adequately covered. We aim to communicate, advertise and inform. The potential is huge and we've only started to build in the features we've thought of so far. Any suggestions, please send them in - they'd really be welcome.

We recommend products, services and companies around the website but only where these are products we know, use or trust ourselves. At Croyweb for example we are connected to BT Broadband, and our web-host services are Oneandone.co.uk. We recommend these companies for reliability and value for money.


Contact details:

E-mail: webmaster@croyweb.com

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