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  • 58th Croydon Brownie Guides UK
    We have 30 Brownies in our pack. They are aged 7 - 10 years. Brown Owl is Maggie who collects ornamental, Tawny Owl is Louise, and Snowy Owl is Jill. Camilla is our young leader and a ranger in Thornton Heath District.

  • 4Kids Treehouse

  • Activity Village - Keeping Kids Busy
    This is Activity Village, offering inspiration for parents and fun for children! We believe that busy kids are happy kids and do our best to provide things for them to do!

    Cool Sites for Kids

  • Amanda Please!

  • The Art Kids

  • Ask Jeeves Kids

  • BBC - CBBC

  • Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Games

  • Bullying Online
  • Cbeebies

  • Childrens Books
    Your guide to the on-line world of children's books

  • Don't Suffer in Silence
    Bullying hurts and you don't have to endure it. If you are on the receiving end of bullying, there are many things that can be done to make your life easier. This web site is intended to show pupils, their families and teachers how to tackle a problem that has gone on for far too long.

  • Foxkids
    POwer Rangers, Stuart Little and friends.

  • Great Sites!
    Amazing, Spectacular, Mysterious, Wonderful Web Sites for Kids and the Adults Who Care About Them.

  • Harrypotter Homepage
    Welcome to harrypotter.com!  Click here to enroll at Hogwarts.

  • Kids on the Net
    Kids on the Net features writing by children at home and at school all over the world.

  • KidsClick! Web Search

  • Kidspace
    No, it's not quite a spa, but it is a relaxing, exciting, secure, and comfortable air-conditioned environment. As a parent, the Centre has been designed to allow you to go where your kids explore, but also to grab some time for yourself.
  • Kids Time
    Among others there's the Mr Men and Casper.

  • kidstuff @ www.ezboard.com

  • Kids-party
    A one stop shop for everything to do with kid's parties and fun days out.

  • Lego
    Adventures, club, build and games

  • Merlin Online
    Here you will find details of all Merlin stickers.

  • National Geographic Kids
    Games, Postcard, Animals

  • Nickelodeon Online

  • Open Directory - Kids and Teens Games
    A search engine already primed up with some fun links and game web-sites.

  • PBS Kids
    What do American kids get up to?

  • Roald Dahl
    Willy Wonka's best friend

  • Seussville
    Yes, there really was a Dr. Seuss. He was not an official doctor, but his prescription for fun has delighted readers for more than 60 years.

  • Surfmonkey
    offering the first total solution for a safer, friendlier, and more comprehensive Internet experience tailored specifically for children.

  • Starwars Kids

  • Surfing the Net with Kids Guide
    As seen in millions of newspapers each week, here are my site recommendations for kids and families.

  • Thunderbirds Online

  • Toycentre
    There are over 1000 lines from all the major manufacturers priced to compete with the major high street retailers. Next day shipping for all UK mainland as standard is offered, for a fixed £4.50 per order, international shipping is also available. Toycentre offers regular free gifts or half price offers and has a policy of only displaying products if they are In Stock! so no back orders and customer confusion.
  • http://www.wizziwiz.co.uk/
    gives you up to date information on kids clubs, sports and activities as well as great days out, shopping and holidays all over the UK - it really is the biz for kids

  • Woodlands Kids Corner
    Our web site, Woodlands Web, supports the work we do in our school as well as giving our visitors a chance to play games and discover more about England.

  • The Wordpool
    The children’s book site for parents, teachers and writers. 

  • Yahooligans!
    America's most-beloved frog made it to Hollywood's Walk of Fame. After starring in famed TV programs such as The Muppet Show and Sesame Street....

  • Yucky Kids
    First there was mud. Then there were worms. and now there is Yucky! Test your skills with X-Terminate. All you need to know about barfing, belching and blackheads! Plus mad scientist fun in Yucky Labs!


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